Material - Process and Equipment Integration


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Completely integrated process from raw material compounding and innovation to testing and verifying in Lab. to mass production. Best quality with competitive pricing is assured.

Material - Process and Equipment Integration

We can assist you beyond silicone

As a global manufacturer and marketer of materials for your industry, we possess expertise in process development, testing, equipment procurement, production startup and optimization expertise.  AOK can work with you and our equipment network to develop or optimize a process and apply materials in your application.

Our areas of manufacturing expertise include:

Consulting in plant design, layout, equipment selection and installation
Auditing production startup
Observing and evaluating the overall processing of the material (i.e. contamination sources, cure parameters)
Troubleshooting for the dispensing, handling, and curing of the material
Auditing and improving customer quality systems
Improving product quality through analysis and troubleshooting


- Improve application speed and quality
- Leverage our expertise to work for you
- Enhance your customers’ satisfaction

To create the ideal solution for your business situation, we listen to your needs and draw upon not only the extensive capabilities and resources of our business group, but also the capabilities of AOK’s entire global organization.

Thermally conductive silicone gap filler is ideal for use in applications where thermal transfer over large gaps caused e.g. by big tolerances or different stack up heights must be achieved. Due to the specific formulation and filling with ceramic particles the silicone elastomer has a good thermal conductivity. Through its softness and flexibility the material perfectly mates to irregular surfaces thus filling gaps at low pressure. By its use the total thermal resistance is minimised.

As technology continues to advance, the trend toward designing smaller products with higher performance capabilities is requiring many to innovate and think of new ways of managing heat in more efficient ways. Proper thermal management is crucial to increasing or maintaining a product's overall lifespan.

Silicone-based thermal pads are becoming an industry standard for thermal management solutions for their durability to withstand high temperatures up to 150 Celsius.  We offers a wide variety from 1.0 W/m.K up to 5.0 W/m.K. While some may be concerned with the use of silicone, outgas levels are extremely low. They come with the options of two sides self-tacky and one side self-tacky. Thickness are flexible ranging from 0.5mm and up.

Used throughout the world, AOK UTP 100 Series thermal interface pads conform to uneven surfaces to lower the thermal resistance between hot components and heat sinks. These advanced materials utilize silicone resins filled with boron nitride or aluminum oxide particles to achieve a range of thermal performance levels. Easy to handle and apply, AOK thermal material elastomer can provide electrical insulation while improving the thermal management of electronic systems, and lowering assembly costs.

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