Application of Soft Thermal Conductive Gap Filler pad

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In Thermal Management of Communication Equipment,

Thermal Conductive Gap Fillers’ application is as follows:

Place Thermal Conductive Gap Fillers between PCBs and between PCB and metal heat sink in the form of strip instead of big pieces so as to form a good ventilated path besides the function of heat dissipation, insulation and shock-proof. Wind power in the interchannel will drop the temperature of Thermal Conductive Gap Fillers and then drop the temperature of the whole Communication Equipment.

Because of the softness of Thermal Conductive Gap Fillers, customers don’t need to take serious consideration of the sequence of electronic components. Thermal Conductive Gap Fillers can deal with gathering temperature; meanwhile, customers can make full use of their good properties on heat conduction and insulation to even the temperature between heat generating power and heat sink.

Improved thermal management is increasingly critical to maintaining the long-term performance and reliability of electronics in virtually every end market, including transportation, semiconductors, power electronics, solid-state lighting, data centers and telecommunications and consumer electronics

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