With material, process and equipment integration solutions from AOK

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While putting our top effort into innovative product design and effective customer support, we constantly strive for advancement.

With material, process and equipment integration solutions from AOK, you can manufacture more modules and assemblies


1. Be happy and healthy.
2. Be honest and kind.
3. Maintain good working relationships and cooperative attitudes among colleagues.
4. AOK staff are loyal to each other.
5. Be productive and efficient in making products and profits.
6. Be focused and persistent in pursuing new technologies.
7. Set high standards and achieve high quality for the desigs and manfacturing of all our products.
8. Move forward with clear vision and effective strategy.
9. Set improve and nurture close relationships with venders and customers.
10. Respect and learn from competitors.
11. Think and create a better world.
12. To share and contribute

To create the ideal solution for your business situation, we draw upon not only the extensive capabilities and resources of our business group, but also the capabilities of AOK’s entire global organization.


The AOK Strength:

• A happy and capable team;
• Constantly improve our current technologies and create new ones;
• Be focused and persistent in pursuing our main goals;
• Have loyal and mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and vendors;
• Advance with vision and anticipate by planning.


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