Heat transferred to the outer case by Thermal Conductive Pad


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The application of AOKs Thermal Conductive Pad in communication:

One of the basic concepts of electronics cooling is effective transfer of heat from semiconductor devices to the ambient using heat sinks or other cooling technologies.

An example is introduced to show how Thermal Conductive Pad is applied in Communication Base Station. The working temperature of many electron components in the main board can rise to 80℃ to 90℃. If they work longer, the temperature will still rise. Therefore, heat should be transferred to the outer case by Thermal Conductive Pad. It has obvious thermal conductive effect since the area of heat transfer is large in the outer case.
You may ask why don't use Thermal Grease. Because it's not convenient to paint Thermal Grease and it’s not suitable for reassembling while Thermal Conductive Pad is easy for reusing. Besides, Thermal Conductive Pad can fill the gaps, protect from shock and static and can be compressed, which makes IC and the outer case contact to the fullest to transfer the heat.

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