aluminum plate together with thermal pad for heat dissipation

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Heat dissipation problem is the most troublesome problem for led manufacturers, but you can adopt the way of aluminum plate together with thermal pad for heat dissipation.
Since aluminum itself is a good medium of heat conduction, along with thermal pad and heat sinks, there also be good emission performance for temperature of electronic components, and derive internal heat out effectively at the same time.

The Characteristics of the Aluminum Plate:

(1) Adopt the surface mount technology (SMT);
(2) Extreme effective management for thermal diffusion in the circuit design;
(3) Lower operating temperature, improve the power density and reliability of products, and prolong the service life of products;
(4) Reduce the volume of our product, lower the hardware and assembly cost;
(5) Replace the fragile ceramic substrates, get better mechanical endurance.

Thermal interface materials application sample

Downlight use example


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