Heat Transfer Efficiency Thermal Silica Film

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 Insulated gate bipolar transistor Gnsulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) referred IGBT, is a set of high current density of BJT and MOSFET and other controlled devices voltage excitation field advantage in one of the high-pressure, high-speed high-power devices. Using thermal paste for heat conduction has the following disadvantages: complex operation, affect the appearance, can not be heavy, because the use of the special structure of the thermistor thermal paste is difficult to achieve full contact with the three can not form a sufficient thermal channels, affecting heat transfer efficiency.

Based on the existing appliance IGBT thermal conductivity and the thermal resistance of the inadequacies of the aspects, the present inventors have designed this utility model, "a method for induction of thermal silica film."

Practical new content

 This utility model for the deficiencies of the prior art technical problem to be solved is: to provide an accelerated heat conduction velocity for induction of thermal silica film.

 This utility model to solve the technical problem of the technology program are:  A method for induction of thermal silica films, including a thermal silica films body, thermal silica film body located in insulated gate bipolar power transistor IGBT and thermistor between the thermal silica film body sides were insulated gate bipolar power transistor IGBT and thermistor bonded stationary phase.

Thermal silica films with good pressure-strain properties, simply add a little pressure, the product larger deformation occurs, can play a very good sealing effect, reducing the surface contact resistance, increasing the thermal conductivity of the channel and improve the thermal effect; another thermal silica films with different thermal conductivity, suitable for different heating power demand for electronic components; thermal silica film also has a natural tack surface, in use can provide some bonding capacity; and has excellent insulating properties, can widely used in electronic components; also has good flexibility, can be cut according to customer needs into various sizes; also have some damping function.

 The thermal silica film body shape is round or square, depending on the model which can apply different shapes.

This utility model one for induction of the beneficial effects of thermal silica film is:

 Since thermal silica film has good flexibility and stress strain properties, the use of thermal silica film as a heat transfer medium has the following advantages: easy to operate, can be reused, can better meet the IGBT and the structural characteristics of the thermistor form more Multi-thermal, and enhance the efficiency of heat conduction.

The thermal silica film through insulated gate bipolar power transistor IGBT heat in a timely manner. Evenly transmitted to the thermistor, thermistors can make timely reflection and heat passing through the voltage sensor to the main chip, the main chip in order for the insulated gate bipolar power transistor IGBT make the relevant directives, continuous cycle to achieve induction work.


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