AOK Thermal Gap Filler are Very Soft, Highly Conformable for LEDs

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AOK thermal gap filler are a very soft, highly conformable, thermal interface medium. The composite construction offers the combined benefits of both a soft Gap Filler Pad and a thin polyester reinforced thermal conductor. AOK offers several options in thermal management to assure electrical isolation and high thermal performance of our products.

LEDs offer great advantages but also have many challenges such as thermal management, electronically driving the devices, control of static and binning. AOK Technology was one of the early adopters of LED technology and mastered its idiosyncrasies.

This Unique Blend of Technologies Provides the Following Advantages:

  • Soft, low stress on component
  • Naturally tacky, ease of assembly, adhesive not required
  • Thin, low thermal resistance
  • Polyester reinforced.  Tight tolerances more easily maintained
  • Available in rolls or sheets, suitable for high or low volume applications

We work closely with engineers, providing support whenever it is needed. Despite our growth we still pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level quality of materials and products

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