A method for the thermal silica film Blu-ray DVD

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The utility model relates to the field of silica gel, in particular to a heat-conducting silicone pad for a plasma display screen, which can accelerate the heat-conducting speed. The heat-conducting silicone pad comprises a heat-conducting silicone pad body, wherein the upper side and the lower side of the heat-conducting silicone pad body are respectively provided with bonding surfaces which are attached with a machine shell and a PCB (printed circuit board). The heat-conducting silica gel sheet has the beneficial effects that the distance between TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) IC (integrated circuit) and an electronic product shell is accurately measured, the heat-conducting silica gel sheet is used in the TCP IC electronic product, namely a PDP (plasma display panel) machine shell, the thickness of the selected material needs to reserve 10-15% material compression ratio, and the size of the material is selected as the size of the TCP IC, so that the heat of the IC is effectively conducted to the PDP machine shell for radiation by a heat-conducting gasket. In the heat-conducting silica gel sheet, an effective radiating channel and an effective radiating area are added, the design cost is saved, so that the design space of the electronic product is thin and the use efficiency of an electronic component is improved.

A method for the thermal silica film Blu-ray DVD

The invention relates to a silicone fields, especially relates to a method to accelerate the speed of heat conduction for Blu-ray DVD to thermal silica film.

Industry BackgroundDVD industry to adopt the traditional red DVD technology, red laser DVD technology is the use of a wavelength of 650 mm red laser and digital aperture of 0.6 focusing lens, the disc thickness is 0.6 mm. The Blu-ray DVD technology uses a wavelength of 450 mm of blue-violet laser, through the wide-angle lens on the ratio was 0.85 digital aperture, successfully focused spot size reduced to a minimum level. In addition, the structure of Blu-ray DVD disc using a 0.1 mm-thick optically transparent protective layer to reduce the disk during rotation caused by tilting write disorders, which makes it easier to read data from the disc, and to greatly improve the storage density possible. The emergence of Blu-ray DVD disc read disc data of electronic products put forward higher requirements.

The traditional DVD electronics cooling design, there are two main ways for cooling:

1), PDP TCP IC cooling mode to free circulation of air cooling, do not install any auxiliary cooling materials, such designs require a lot of space for cooling, and the PDP requires relatively thin design space contrary. 

2), the PDP TCP IC thermal grease coated the surface of the auxiliary material after the installation of the radiator cooling. This design can achieve the effect of heat, but heat and cooling equipment, determines the size of the cooling area, it is not very effective cooling, heat is always left in the internal structure of electronic products, the thermal grease in use for some time will appear chapped phenomenon, so that the original cooling solution is not optimized.

Based on the existing plasma screens in the heat of the shortcomings, the present inventors have designed this utility model, "a method for plasma display panel thermal silica film."

Thermal silica films with good pressure-strain properties, simply add a little pressure, the product larger deformation occurs, can play a very good sealing effect, reducing the surface contact resistance, increasing the thermal conductivity of the channel and improve the thermal effect; another thermal silica films with different thermal conductivity, suitable for different heating power demand for electronic components; thermal silica film also has a natural tack surface, in use can provide some bonding capacity; and has excellent insulating properties, can widely used in electronic components; also has good flexibility, can be cut according to customer needs into various sizes; also have some damping function. The thermal silica film body shape is oval or rectangular, depending on the model it can apply different shapes.


 heat-conducting silica film


The following embodiments with the accompanying drawings and further description of the utility model.

Figure 1 is a utility sectional view showing the overall structure.

Reference numeral Description:

1, the casing 2, PCB board 3, TCP IC 4, thermal silica film body

Specific embodiments

 Referring to Figure 1, the utility model is implemented like this:

In Figure 1, a method for plasma display panel thermal silica films, including a thermal silica film body 4, in the thermal silica film body 4, respectively, with the upper and lower side of the PCB board and chassis 1 and phase 2 stickers and fixed to the adhesive face. Below the main chip 3 PCB board 2. TCP IC 3 is located inside of the PCB 2. Thermal silica film the TCP IC 3 heat conduction to the chassis.

In the present embodiment, the thermal silica film body 4 and the square shape, it may also be elliptical or other shape, and the casing and corresponds to the PCB.

above, the utility model is only a method for plasma display panel thermal silica film of preferred embodiments only, not for the technical scope of the utility model any restrictions, all in accordance with the technical substance of the utility model for any of the above embodiments of the minor modifications, equivalents, modifications and alterations are still part of this utility model range.

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