Solar Photovoltaic Inverter will be more and more important in world energy consumption

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Choose AOK’s Thermal Conductive Gap Fillers for Photovoltaic Inverter. Shenzhen Aochuan Technology Co. Ltd has been developing and manufacturing thermal conductive gap filler materials for over 10 years.

Solar Photovoltaic Inverter will be more and more important in world energy consumption. It will not only replace some regular energy and become the main energy source, but also may take up 30% of total energy source by 2030 and take up over 10% of world electric supply.

Photovoltaic Inverter is one of the core equipment of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System, which is the key to transfer solar energy to electric energy. Photovoltaic battery pack transfers solar energy to direct current and then transfers direct current to alternating current, synchronized with AC Net, by Inverter. Finally, it sends the electric to electric net and combines to the grid.

Due to the influence of environment temperature, voltage, humidity to the stability of electronic products, Photovoltaic Inverter would be favored by customers on the condition that it operates smoothly, functions stably, conducts heat greatly and its generating efficiency reaches the level of foreign products of the same mode.

MOSFET and IC generate heat in big amount in Photovoltaic Inverter, which makes manufacturers do a lot research to conduct heat from it. What’s the solution of thermal management of Photovoltaic Inverter? Here, Aochuan will share our thermal management solutions for you.

Place thermal conductive gap fillers on the bottom of PCB, opposite to the MOSFET, to conduct heat to the outer case. The size of thermal conductive pad depends on the size of heat generating power. For the thermal conductivity, AOK counselors will recommend it for you, and free samples are provided for you to test and evaluate.

Place thermal conductive gap fillers between MOSFET and heat sink, or combine Thermal Grease and Thermal Conductive Insulators and place them between MOSFET and heat sink.

AOK provides customers with technical and engineering support for thermal management issues.

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