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Automotive Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Application

TP 150 Series of thermal pad from Shenzhen AOK Tech is used for car engine control unit, is made of silicone and ceramic powder. It's a cost-effective Thermal Conductive Pad according to interface materials' heat-conducting property, the range of temperature resistance and its price. 

This product's thermal conductivity is 1.5w/m*k. With natural tacky on both sides, excellent electrical isolation, shockproof, gap filling and good exceptional temperature endurance with meeting the requirement of UL94V-O class

 In the past the engineers from AOK had successfully developed a thermal solution that meets OSROM’s needs and soon received their acknowledgment of our product. To meet market demand, AOK continues to grow in our research department, preserving our spot as leaders in providing exceptional thermal solution service and thermal materials.

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