Conformable Thermal Pad for Heat Transfer

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Conformable Thermal Pad Application - Packaged Electronic Power Device

A conformable, gel-like pad, preferably of silicone, with a thermally conductive additive conducts heat away from a packaged electronic power device with which it is in contact. Formed by adding particles of a thermally conductive material such as aluminum powder, nickel, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, beryllium oxide, silver, etc., to a mixture of silicone resins and curing agents poured into a mold, the molded pad can be formed to accommodate virtually any geometry and size of electronic component to provide a custom-fit at little cost.

A thin, solid sheet of a thermally conductive metal such as aluminum positioned in contact with a surface of the conformable pad further increases heat removal. Another embodiment contemplates a metallic foil disposed in contact with a surface of or within the conformable pad and extending therefrom which can be coupled to a heat sink or to neutral ground potential for radiation shielding. A metallic radiation shield box may be used as a mold for forming the conformable pad and to form a combination EMI/RFI radiation shield and heat transfer device for an electronic component disposed within the box and in contact with the conformable pad.

This invention relates generally to the transfer of heat away from a hot body and is particularly directed to a conformable pad containing a thermally conductive material for removing heat from a packaged electronic device with which the pad is in contact.



Electronic circuitry and components generate heat during operation. Removal of this heat is critical for stable operation and long operating lifetimes. As circuit packaging densities increase, efficient heat removal has become even more critical.

Heat is removed from electronic devices by various means such as cooling fans, heat sinks, and bimetallic cooling arrangements.


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