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TJ3020/3080 Series Thermal Conductive Glue
Thermal Grease/ Thermal Compounds
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TJ3020 and TJ3080 series thermal conductive glue are one component glue, are applied in the firm tack conjunction between the electronic components and other device materials. It is in speedy consolidation under normal temperature with superior tacky, exceptional electrical isolation, splendid seal and remarkable heat dissipation performance, which also is durable among the temperature from -60Celsius to 250 Celsius.

Main Characteristcs

  • In one component neutral consolidation performance, it is highly performed elastomer by vulcanization, which is through the condensation function with water molecules in air.
  • It has superior thermal conductive performance, which swiftly tansmit the heat from the heat source as to exceptionally cool down the heat source temperature.
  • It has excellent thermal conductive glue performance on most matal and non-metal materials with superior seal-tack&thermal conductive performance fo miscellaneous electronic components.
  • It satisfies with EU ROHS Directive.





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